Prologue: Introduction

Hi, my name is Avocado, and this is my 90-day writing challenge.

What's this all about?

I start this blog to document my journey as I try to complete a novel in 90 days. Whether or not I complete this mission in 90 days' time, this journey will prove how much can be accomplished in three months. During the course of these 90 days I will give slight details about my own novel as well as bring about writing tips and FAQs of the writing world.

Now, I am NOT an expert. In fact, I'm not even published! These 90 days will be a learning process, and, accompanied with images and videos, will serve to teach not only myself but everyone interested in creating a story, no matter how long.

So please, fly along with me as I travel down this tough road! 

Book Working Title: Azhar, Prince of Red Fire

Day in Progress: 0

Words Achieved: 0

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