Day 10: Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

I've learned that a lot of people have mixed feelings when it comes to this holiday. Unfortunately, some people's relationships with their dads aren't all too ideal. But I think we can at least take this holiday and appreciate someone in our lives who've been good role models. I'm grateful to be able to thank my dad for everything he's done for me!

He's a pretty good role model. (T-shirt designed by ramyb)

Also, since we're on the topic, I want to rant about some of the fathers and male figures in my fantasy story. Perhaps the ranting will get more ideas into my head. I was doing pretty well yesterday, but have hit another dry spell. I need to get on it if I plan to succeed this 90-Day Challenge.

There's this evil king, right? The use of Magic is outlawed in this fantasy world, but this evil king can use it. Why? Nobody knows. But no one dares to question him because he's like over a thousand years old and can kill you with a grain of sand. So they sort of just let him take over, y'know? 

Well some people think it's gone too far. Mostly the main character, Azhar, who is the son of this evil king. Having an evil magical dad must be rough. So Azhar is the defiant being who stands up to his father in a way none have before.

But it takes him a while to realize it. At first, he's okay with the way his dad is ruling - at least he doesn't want to defy him. Azhar is the leader of their Guild's army, gets all the benefits of being rich and spoiled, so why ruin that, right? Other than the feeling of being trapped, having no freedom, all of those things that make for a good rebellion.

Well he sudden makes a drastic discovery. You see, the evil king has one son at a time, and forces them to be loyal to the Guild and their kingdom, and eventually they have to make a sacrifice so great that it kills them in the process. So he just has one son after the next, sending them to the grave assembly-line style. So Azhar thinks he's the one and only son, doomed to die, right? WRONG. He's out gallivanting before a big event (women and alcohol highly involved) and he stumbles across the wrong person - his brother. A preceding son, still alive. His name is Kav'eh, and he isn't happy to be discovered.

Not happy at all. Kav'eh had been in hiding for nearly twenty years, planning something big. Azhar, being the stubborn, nosy, I-fight-for-my-father-the-king type of person, demands to know what he was planning. Kav'eh releases some information relating to his Guild that strikes a nerve. Azhar demands in on the plan or he tells his father. (What a tattle tale! What are you, five years old?) Kav'eh dislikes including him, because the plan would have to be changed. But the threat of discovery is too big. Azhar and Kav'eh join up against their father, the Immortal King.

And the revolution begins.

That's what I'm planning for Chapter 1, it's better than the last idea I had. Sorry for spilling all of that. I was just on a roll.

Well that was a decently successful Day 10, hope to see you tomorrow for Day 11! Have a good holiday, everyone!

"Shadow is not the absence of light..."

                                                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci

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