Day 8: Ugly

I just found this AMAZING article that describes the first-draft process, which is exactly what my 90-Day Project is all about:


It's called "Great Writers Start Ugly", by Jeff Goins. It's an amazing insight into first drafts, and how they're supposed to be poorly structured, badly organized and just downright lame. Because, like he says, "Embrace the splotches and streaks for what they are: Evidence that you started". It needs to be ugly before it can transform into something beautiful :)

I also highly enjoy the Leonardo quote in that article. Avocado approves immensely.

I'm so glad someone just happened to link this article on Twitter. It's given great comfort to me, someone who is insecure about starting and rough drafts in general. It lets me know that it's okay to write it badly, recognize it as bad, and keep moving past it. One thing I have trouble doing is writing the same thing over and over without progressing to the next sentence, page, chapter, etc. It's okay if it's bad at first! JUST MOVE ON!

With that said, I am making more progress on my first chapter. I already don't like how I started it, but I'm trying really hard to just try and finish the chapter without rewriting it a billion times.

My goal: To have my first chapter written by midnight, tonight (June 15 - er, 16th, that is)

I'll make sure and post with more updates.


Sorry, caps lock gives me more motivation. It's like I'm yelling at myself.

See you tomorrow!

"I have wasted my years."

                                                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci

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Day in Progress: 8

Words Achieved: 627

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