Day 3: Hear your story

If you are a real human being, then you enjoy some form of music. It's natural.

You probably have also created playlists to go along with your stories, or have heard songs and suddenly became inspired to imagine a new world unfold.

Which is why Day 3 is all about the sounds of your story!

Just by listening to music, a thousand new ideas have swarmed into my head. For example, I always knew that two of my characters would love each other, but a song I heard on the radio suddenly gave me a motive to drive their love even further and to even give it an ounce of pain (pain is good for storytelling). I think it's a really great way to get in the mood of your story. If you're writing a battle scene, it makes it so much cooler when you're listening to a Kerry Muzzey or Escala score. If you're writing a tragic scene, listening to the soft strings of an orchestra or even a sad love song can really help the imagery settle in your mind.

Here's an example of something I've been listening to that helps the epic become that much more epic:

If you haven't created a playlist yet, DO IT NOW. It's worth it! :D

Here's my current ongoing story playlist, in no certain order:

1) Kerry Muzzey - Bernini's Angels
2) Zack Hemsey - See What I've Become
3) Sonic Ozault - League of Defiance
4) Shinedown - Bulley
5) Alter Bridge - Still Remains
6) Killer Tracks - Heroes and Villains
7) Daft Punk - Fall (TRON Legacy: Reconfigured)
8) Daft Punk - C.L.U (TRON Legacy: Reconfigured)
9) Killer Tracks - To End All Wars
10) Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
11) Woodkid - Iron
12) Alter Bridge - Blackbird
13) Modà - Vittima*
14) Tiziano Ferro - Paura non ho*
15) Sara Bereilles - The Light
16) Florence & The Machine - Blinding
17) Florence & The Machine - Cosmic Love
18) 30 Seconds to Mars - This is War
19) Shinedown - 45

* - These songs are in italian! :)

Feel free to be inspired by this playlist, and create your own! I'd love for you to share them here if you'd like!!

GOOD LUCK! And see you tomorrow, for day four! I have a feeling it's time to introduce some pretty awesome characters :)

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."

                                                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci

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