Day 2: Legitimate Progress!

*WARNING: This post contains a rant about storyboards. :D

Well It's officially Day 2, and I am pleased to say that I am making progress!

...It may have just been a few sketches and two index cards' worth of progress, but IT'S TOTAL AND COMPLETE LEGITIMATE PROGRESS! I'M WINNING THIS CHALLENGE!

Okay, why did the claps become progressively less happy for me?  >:'(

*Ahem* Anyway, one thing that is helping me immensely is creating some very unorganized organized  storyboards to try to help make the writing process more fluid.

Why create a storyboard? Aren't they totally overrated?

Well, yes and no. I always brushed them over, thinking "that isn't the right planning method for me". But the other day, I noticed some framed posters in my closet that I wasn't using anymore. I turned them over and saw the beautiful cardboard backs, and thought, "Well, look at all this unused space. It's just begging for hundreds of index cards and post-its to cover it corner to corner.

So I thought, what the heck.

Here's what I started out with yesterday:

(Notice my '25 secrets' page from Day 1?)

And here's what I have today:

Sure, it's not much, but hey, I've added 2 cards' worth of plot, an awesome sketch to the bottom left that really does say 1000 things in itself, and a card full of symbology. I'd say that's progress!

*Oh, and another thing. That 25 Secrets page from yesterday? I already changed something that I'd written! But that doesn't mean I failed at the list, or that I'm retreating from the story. Just advancing in the other direction! In fact, without having written the original thing, I wouldn't have realized that I wanted to change it to something that really helped make a difference. See, progress! :D

Well, that pretty much sums up Day 2...Remember, storyboards are your friends! Oh, did I mention that all of these wonderful and epic ideas came to me at 4 in the morning? Why must the brain do these things?!

See you tomorrow! :)

"Experience does not err. Only your judgments err by expecting from her what is not in her power."

                                                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci

Book Working Title: Azhar, Prince of Red Fire

Day in Progress: 2

Words Achieved: 25 written, 0 typed

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