Day 15: Weapons

Weapons are awesome.

They're powerful. Deadly. Sexy.

Weapons hold a lot of significance and personality in stories, especially in the genre I'm writing. In fantasy and science fiction, it is rare that the main character(s) are without weapons.

But it's hard to choose weapons without doing a fair amount of research. Since many of my characters are based in different cultures/historical settings, I feel it's important to accurately represent them through weaponry as well. Their background, fighting style, and even their own characteristics can be reflected through a certain type of weapon. We don't want to give the wizard a broadsword, do we? No, he deserves a staff!

Below are some of the weapons that I've chosen for my characters:


 - A scimitar. Not only does it fit well with his personality and fighting style (up close, using a lot of tricksy and sneaky moves), but it also dawns from the arabic and middle eastern ancient culture.


(Image from God of War)

- A shield and spear. Very reminiscent of Spartan culture, this fighting style suits Evander because, well, he basically is an ancient spartan. :)


- Bow and arrow. This character is inspired both by the fantasy "dark elf" culture as well as Norse mythology. Also, since he is the leader of guild Orvar, which is the Norse word for arrow, I thought it only fitting that arrows be his weapons of choice.

Some of the other weapons in my mighty armory that is my story:

Doing research is the best! Hopefully these awesome weapons inspire. See you tomorrow!

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

                                                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci

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