Day 34: Brave

I saw Disney Pixar's Brave today.

It was very well done. It was very good to see that Disney has finally mustered up the guts to take a stand on exceeding social norms. The female protagonist was an independent, untamable woman with a fighting spirit - which is what most of us females are in this day and age, anyway. The movie had absolutely no male love interests, but it didn't feel like anything was missing. It worked perfectly fine without the aspect of romance.

I'm definitely not hating on romance, however. I just appreciate when it's done right :)

Which gets me thinking about the romance in my own novel. I'm planning on it being - different, and hopefully it will allow the reader to be different too. I'm getting mixed reviews in terms of advice, but I still want to go for it. At the very least, it's not going to be a prominent part of the plot, so even if it seems strange to the reader, they won't have to worry about focusing on it.

Let's hope all goes well with that.

Oy vey.

"Love shows itself more in adversity than prosperity..."

                                                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci

Book Working Title: Knights of Kethyria

Day in Progress: 34

Words Achieved: 3,142 (and counting quickly!)

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