Day 27: Reading Challenge!!

Going off the philosophy that reading expands your mind,

I've decided to join a reading challenge (to go alongside my writing challenge. Multitasking is painful fun!)

It's called the 2012 Ebook reading challenge, and there are different "levels" of participation. I may make my goal the second or third level, which is to read 10 or 25 eBooks in a year. The contest started in january and ends on the last day of December, naturally.

Interested in starting it yourself? here's the sign-up link.

You will also see this icon on the side of the page with a link, and soon there will be a new page tab for tracking my progress:

Here's what I've read so far:

1. Lust, Money, and Murder, Book 1: Lust, by Mike Wells
2. Lust, Money, and Murder, Book 2: Money, by Mke Wells

Here's what is on my soon-to-read list:

1. Between the Land and Sea, by Derrolyn Anderson
2. The Sword and the Dragon, by M.R. Mathias
3. Lust, Money, and Murder, Book 3: Murder (Currently reading), by Mike Wells

If I finished those, it would give me the 5 book completion mark that means I accomplished the first rank: Floppy Disk. But I'm definitely going to move on to a higher rank, like CD or DVD, because who wants to be a floppy disk? No one even uses those anymore!!

Hopefully this will inspire my writing further. Happy 4th, everyone!! Here's a patriotic picture to leave you with today:

"Learning acquired in youth arrests the evil of old age..."

                                                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci

Book Working Title: Knights of Kethyria

Day in Progress: 27

Words Achieved: 2,400

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