Day 33: Better

Feeling better today!

And I got a lot of housework done like I said I would! I also ran some needed errands AND, while cleaning, I got the inspiration for some amazing scenes in my novel. I'm winning!

I guess I don't need to eat my hat after all!

(Although that looks pretty tasty...)

It's SUPER HOT today, but that's sort of invigorating. I've been cooped up in the house for too long and it feels great to have some sun on my shoulders for once. I think I'll take advantage of this bright light.

Remember back at the beginning of my posts when I said how awesome music was? I just want to repeat that. Because it's still as true as ever.

Here's a few more songs to add to my playlist:

- Forgotten Heroes
- Gloriana
- Breath of Life - Florence & The Machine

...and many more!

I'll be back later with updates. :)

Remember to write, write, write!!

"The sun gives spirit and life..."

                                                                                            - Leonardo da Vinci

Book Working Title: Knights of Kethyria

Day in Progress: 33

Words Achieved: 3,142

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